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Why Choose Salser & Dillard Funeral Chapel

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  • Choosing a Provider

    Choosing a Provider

    If you're planning a funeral, you have many decisions to make. You may feel overwhelmed or confused.  It is important to select a Funeral provider you can trust to help navigate you through the processes and care for your family in your time of need.
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  • Unique Product Options

    Unique Product Options

    It's important to take the time to acknowledge the uniqueness of the deceased: the individuality of their personality, and the uniqueness of their life's path. Not just for them, but for you; it affirms the relationship, and leads to healing after loss. Honoring their life is truly an act of love – for the both of you.

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  • On-Site Crematory

    On-Site Crematory

    Cremation is a growing trend, but it is important to understand not all crematories are the same.  A little knowledge can go a long way so you can rest assured your loved one is treated with the respect and dignity they deserve. Salser & Dillard has been an industry leader not only here in the Central Valley, but also in the United States.

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  • Exclusive Extended Care

    Exclusive Extended Care

    No one should face the loss of a loved one alone.  There's a great deal to do, and often times processing grief seems all one can bear.  Rest assured when you select Salser & Dillard you are not alone our team of dedicated Family Service Directors assist each family with the practical matters following a death.

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